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  • Asheville By Paw | Dog Walking

  • Unfortunately, some of us have to work for a living. In most cases, your best friend can't come with you. That means there can be days where your furry one has to wait eight or more hours for human interaction and/or a bathroom break.

    Give your best friend something to look forward to! Asheville By Paw is Canine Companion's dog walking service.  We offer a tailor made walk around the Land of the Sky for your best friend.  Whether its for excersise or a leisurely sniff through the grass, we follow your dog's nose!

    Asheville By Paw is perfect for every dog!  Our dog walking service is always personalized to best fit your dog's personality.

    The visit can be structured to reinforce behaviors you're working on with your dog too!  Every visit is an oppurtunity for your dog to learn and grow.

  • Benefits of Asheville By Paw

    • Alleviates Destructive Behavior & Hyperactivity
    • Encourages Socialization
    • Promotes Weight Control & Digestive Health
    • Reinforces Training Routine
  • Rates

    Individual Walks $25.00 per Walk
    3-4 Walks per Week $22.50 per Walk
    5 Walks per Week $20.00 per Walk